Noodling around Warsaw: June 22 -25, 2019

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I am really, really burnt out on Polish history, statues, and monuments. What follows is what happens when I just go walking each day with no goal in mind. No museums, no, monuments, and no statues. Okay, one statue, but it has no history attached to it. Enjoy!

The other day I put my keys on the coat hook as I always do, but didn’t notice until I went out for a walk that the key tag had flipped up and caught the tip of the tail. I couldn’t have done that had I been trying.

When the groundskeepers trimmed these hedges, which had a huge growth burst after the rain, they got pretty creative.

On one day wandering around I had a craving for fried potatoes so I stopped at Ćwierćfunciak, which means Quarter Pounder. The beer was a better bitter. The burgers there looked much larger than 1/4 pound. They looked good, but I only wanted the potatoes. The sauces were Tzatziki and what is called American sauce (half mayo and half catsup.) The coleslaw was fantastic. It was how I remember KFC slaw before they started making it too sweet.

A sunflower growing out of the sidewalk.

Not a good beer at all, but it was cheap! they sell four packs here, but each can is about 16 ounces.

Now for a homemade meal. Potato pancake with with parmesan, smoked bacon and catsup. You would not believe how good this is.

This is the same place where I photographed the tulips during my first walk in Warsaw.

The area in the three photos above were the place where the huge banks of yellow and red tulips were on my first walk around Warsaw.

Of course, i can’t help but be fascinated by graffiti

Enjoy the one statue!

The piece above was in a pedestrian underpass. The background is silver spray paint.

Most of the graffiti here is uninspired tagging, but every once in a while even the tagging attracts the eye.

This one was on the back of a park informational sign. I almost missed by walking in front of the sign.

I guess they dream of the sea.

There is that little fox again. This time he is joined by Kilroy.

I am not sure if the larger graffiti is some sort of white supremist tag, but seeing that someone stenciled anti-fascist symbol into the middle of it, I suspect it is.

The Goodnight White Pride symbols I have seen before have a person stepping over a prone neo-nazi. this one looks more like the anti-fascist activist is kicking the shit out of him.

Another building under renovation. The shadow of a tree on the side of the building looks like a knight mounted on a horse.

Not artistic, but cute!

Once the political posters were taken down they were replaced by these dreamy images. And look there is a cephalopod!

You might get the idea that Warsaw is rundown from some of my photos, but believe me, it is just that the city is so unrelentingly beautiful that my eye is drawn to the rough parts the most.

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