Eating Around Warsaw: June 6 – 9, 2019

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To be perfectly honest, I am getting tired of living in Warsaw. I am ready to move on, but there is another month to go before I leave. This is not the first place I have lived at that has bored me after two months. When my social security kicks in I am going to switch countries or maybe only cities every two months. Adding another month to my time outside the US shouldn’t add too much more weight to my pills, I must pack. Someday, I am going to have to figure out a plan for traveling with fewer pills.

There are two things here I can do ad nauseum; walk around enjoying the beauty of the city and eating the great food. Here are a few photos take over the course of several days illustrating these activities.

The knives at the AirBnb are not good, but pate is soft

At the Carrefour, on certain days, there is a meat monger at station in the center of the meat and cheese departement who has trays of fresh baked pate. If I get there too late in the day it is all gone. The pate is so good I would have been satisfied at paying 14.67 USD for a chunk of it. But the price below złoty, so 3.86 USD. My favorite way of eating the pate is on the hardy sour rye bread with a little horseradish and bilberry preserves.

I always save the vegetable and meat scraps to make soup stock. This time I when I made the stock from the scraps in the freezer, there was not bones in it. Later I chopped up all the vegetables which had been in the refrigerator too long and made a veggie soup. I chunked some Emmentaler cheese and added torn bits of the sour bread to make my soup. The heat of the soup made the cheese all stringy.

Now that is enough for now about the food I eat here in my apartment. Now I have to write about the italian restaurant which is an easy, too easy, walk from here. I had walked past Da Aldo too many times to count. I had admired the food I saw on the sidewalk tables. It all looked so good. I contacted my friend to see if she wanted to check it out. We found a time that was convenient for us to go and she made the reservation.

Before the day I checked out their menu so that I would have an idea of what I wanted to have. I saw that they had gnocchi stuffed with goat cheese and truffles. That sounded like my sort of dish. My only exposure to gnocchi hearing the contestants talk about it on Top Chef. I had always wanted to try it.

I got to the restaurant on time, but my friend was delayed on the bus by traffic congestion. I claimed our table and ordered a large bottle of water. I knew that my friend would want water after the commute. When she showed up I am sure the waiter was glad to have a Polish speaker at the table.

I was completely blown away by the gnocchi. It was light and fluffy, while still having a good chew. I couldn’t believe it as I worked my way through the bowl that it was slipping into the best meal of my life, edging out that wonderful black pig and potato dish I had in Puerto, Portugal.

My friend had the duck ravioli.

Though I was full after the pasta, I ordered a dessert. It might look like a pavlova, but on the menu it was listed as Meringue with Mascarpone. It was very good with a flat white coffee. (Yes, I finally got to order a flat white.)

You would have thought this was enough, but since my friend had not had dessert at Da Aldo, we walked down to Lodziarnia “Ulica Baśniowa”. I had been telling my friend how great the ice cream there was, so she wanted to try it. I only bought small portion of chocolate ice cream, but even that was nearly too much for me.

After that we walked around my neighborhood until it was time for my friend to get on a bus home. I was still stuffed from dinner and the two desserts, I went walking around streets I had never been on, walking several more miles, before heading home.

After I found myself overlooking a park I knew (above), I turned around and headed home. On my way, I saw a Garfield doll stuck to the window of a car. I used to have one of those.

The next day I was feeling restless and went for a walk. Hum, seem to have found myself down at Bar Kępa Potocka in the park. I was a bit pissed off that the bike rental app wasn’t working, since this is a park I like to ride at.

Yes, that woman above is drinking her beer with a straw. She wasn’t the only one. She was just the most photogenic.

One good beer, deserves another, and one of those flashing vibrating things to let me know when my lunch was ready. I moved to the front of the beer garden to get away from a loud group.

This is the wall between the open air kitchen and the open air dining room.
Simple and pretty
I took a photo of the menu intending to do some translation of it before I go back.
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After lunch, I had a leisurely walk back through the park. I saw the dog above enjoying a nice long swim. When I first saw it, I didn’t know what it was. I watched until it swam close enough for me to make out it’s head.

A building with unique windows under renovation.

I made a point of walking home via a route I had never taken before. I saw where they were taking down a tree, leaving bits of it entangled in a fence it had grown through.

Above a temporary sidewalk is laid out where the regular sidewalk is blocked for a building renovation. It leads to a section where cars are not allowed to park right now, which is being used as the sidewalk.

There is a bit of a problem that there is a nice package store open to midnight every night but Sunday, just 80 meters from my front door. This Elderflower lime beer drink was good. I think it must be labeled that way to get around the Reinheitsgebot. It tasted like flavored beer to me.

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