May 20, 2019: A Walk, Just to Get Out of the Apartement.

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I really had nowhere to go, but after so many days of rain, I just had to get out of the apartment. I walked down the Park Moat and the Citadel slope, around the Warsaw Citadel, to walk around the last part of the perimeter that I had not seen yet.

The Stained Glass tree as seen from above.

As I headed straight back through my neighborhood to the park, I found that the route led right to the stained-glass tree. I smelt honeysuckle, and it didn’t take me long to find the plant. It reminded me of my childhood in Georgia.

A barred off window in part of the fortifications, away from the main walls.
A better shot inside the stained glass tree than the first ones I took.
I figured out that the dusting of white everywhere was fluff from Pussy Willow trees.

All over Warsaw, I see graffiti of foxes. I am not sure what the import of these images is.

The words Zero Trosk means no worries.

In an earlier post I mentioned seeing a cat run over an unused bridge from the fort. From my viewpoint in the upper level of the park, I was able to see that they were not bridges, but some sort of duct; maybe for water or other utilities. They look like they were added well after the fort was built.

As I walked past the local school, I saw that the students, make the same sort of paper plate artwork I did when I was a kid.
More foxes
Of to the right is a smaller fox peeking out.
There is even one on the steps of the building I live in.

By the time I got back home, the clouds were moving in again, but I had gotten in a five mile walk. I will keep a lookout for more foxes when I am out walking.

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