First Your Phone Eats: May 11, 2019

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Today, wasn’t a tourist day for me. I spent the day at home writing before heading out to meet my friend for lunch. I caught up on my blogging, but still haven’t managed to get back into writing my next novel. One of the problems is that I would really like to skip it and go onto one of the other novels, which are in various stages of production.

On the way to lunch, I saw an abandoned dog toy, which made me laugh.

Our first stop was lunch at Restauracja Polska Różana located at Chocimska 7, 00-791 Warszawa. I had to laugh when I saw that the meal of the day was cabbage rolls since I had eaten cabbage rolls for breakfast. The meal started with a bowl of vegetable soup, which while excellent, wasn’t photogenic, so I passed on including a photo of it here.

The cabbage rolls were excellent, as were the tomatoes, the potatoes were over cooked, so I left them behind.

The set menu meal came with rhubarb tart, but we also ordered a slice of what I can only call Orange pavlova. I not only ordered the Orange thing because Gina said it was her favorite, but because I was sure I wouldn’t like the rhubarb. I had had rhubarb in England, and thought it was too floral. They must have added rose water or something in England, because I found the rhubarb tart here to be as good as, if not better than lemon tarts.

Two desserts, two sauces.
I took this photo without Gina knowing. When she looked up and took a photo of me, I couldn’t compalaine, could I?

When the desserts came they were on the same plate, each with a little gravy boat filled with fresh fruit sauce. I think it was rasberry, but I am not sure. It could have been strawberry. Though I tasted of the sauces, I didn’t use them.

Gina ordered what a flat white, but I just ordered a double espresso, since I didn’t know what a flat white was. When I got home I read up on flat white coffee, and decided that it sounds like something I would like.

Later I saw a coffee shop on my way home called “Fat White Coffee Bar,” which had a cartoon mascot polar bear. I will have to go there some time.

My expresso came with a small glass of hot water. I figured that they knew what they were doing, so I filled my cup with it. It made for a perfect cup of coffee. It went very well with the desserts.

The tart was mostly meringue, so between the two deserts there was plenty of air. I was able to eat them both. I am in heaven here in Warsaw since so many of the confections are made with meringues, which are my favorite desserts.

Old, fat, and happy!

As it turned out, the waiter didn’t remember to bring the wine I had ordered. While we were waiting for our soup, we had spoken about the time we had gone to Mônsieur Léon’s at Sulkiewicza 5, 00-758 Warszawa, and how good the wine was. Rather than reminding the waiter to bring my wine, I just had him take it off the bill. That worked out well, since without the wine, we each had the same thing the bill was easy to split.

We headed over to Mônsieur Léon’s for wine after lunch. As we were leaving the restaurant, Gina told me to look at the photos of the celebrities, who had dined at Restauracja Polska Różana. I was surprised to see a photo of Sting, but even more surprised to see the photo of the Dalai Lama, right next to it.

When we got to Mônsieur Léon’s, our favorite table boasted a reserved sign. The waiter told us not to worry, that the reservation was for 7pm. We knew we wouldn’t be there for that long, so we took possession of the table. As it turned out we slid out just before seven and headed out for chocolate.

That was my idea, since I hadn’t been able to remember the name of the chocolate lounge, Gina had recommended. I wanted to go there so that it would be more firmly put in my mind. I only recently realized reading the E. Wedel website that they are called lounges. I guess that calling them chocolate bars would be confusing.

The shop was Pijalnia Czekolady E.Wedel at
Szpitalna 8, 00-031 Warszawa. I don’t think I am going to forget its name again. It is the same company that makes my favorite chocolate covered marshmallows here. We had a choice of a 500ml cup of chocolate, or a 150ml cup. We foolishly ordered the larger one. I wish I had put something next to the cup in the photo to show the size.

A half a litter of chocolate at Pijalnia Czekolady E.Wedel

The chocolate is much thicker than I had the time before at the other Warsaw chocolate lounge, but not as thick as chocolate in Spain. Of course, there were no churros, but I still had to eat it with a spoon.

After finishing our chocolate, we had to go for a walk. We walked and talked heading basically towards my place. Gina planned on hopping the tram home. She has a pass, so the longer ride cost her no more. After a while, lunch, wine, and coffee had worn off, and Gina was hungry again. I guess it was because I had wine at Mônsieur Léon’s, and Gina had coffee that I wasn’t.

Gina spotted a restaurant she liked, the Restauracja Hektor at Świętokrzyska 34, 00-049 Warszawa, and we stopped there for a late dinner. To be perfectly honest, I was craving a beer, but I knew that if I didn’t eat then, I would be starving by the time I got home. So I ordered the country sour soup with white sausage and egg, thickened with sour bread.

Most soups are not pretty, but when you dig down, this one is. Polish soups are quite outstanding, and are far more varied than my beloved Borscht..

After this last stop we walked a little further before Gina crossed the street to catch her tram home and I walked back to my part of town. I was amused that with stops at four restaurants that my total bill for the day was only $53 USD, including the drinks. In the US, lunch alone would have be more than that.

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