Wine Tasting: May 9, 2019

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My friend sent me a link to the Facebook page for this wine tasting, Simply Italian 2019. When I logged on to get a ticket I found that they had a short list of things you could be to attend. I checked off Blogger. So I guess I need to blog about it in return for all the lovely wine I drank at the Mamaison Hotel Le Reginain Warsaw.

I was surprised that you were expected to keep the same glass as you made the rounds.

I arrived on time, but there were very few people around. The few who were there seemed to be very serious wine purchasers. Face it, I was here to drink wine. As I watched the serious persons spitting wine into the provided bucket, I said, “I am a blogger, I don’t have to spit.” before tipping back my glass and moving to the next table.

Each table had a picture of water, which I used to rinse out my glass between wines.

The man in the light gray suit above had the best wine I have tasted in a very long time. He was representing Boggero Winery. The wine I kept telling people to try, and kept going back begging for a little bit more was the Monferrato D.O.C. (Muller Thurgau 2018). I also liked the Tutti i Frutti 2016, from the same winery, a lot.

The Prosecco Spumante Extra Dry from Antonutti was very nice.

Eventually the crowd began to fill out, and I was more comfortable going from table to table tasting the offerings. I hate to say it, but there was more than one wine I was glad to have a bucket to spit in, and dump the remaining wine from my glass. One set of wines from Virna Borgogno Barolo, where so bad that I spit and dumped them all. They were uniformly some of the worst wines I have ever had. This is from someone who can drink boxed wine without batting an eye.

Between the highs and the lows were other wines, which I would ranked from good to not so good, but nothing which stood out enough for a special mention.

As the event wound down everyone was just drinking the wines they liked best, and I found several very interesting people to talk to. The trio above was the most interesting, and I spoke with them until it was time for me to head home.

Crossing under an overpass on my way home, I saw this mural, which seemed in keeping with the mood I was in, after all those small sips of wine.
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