May 3, 2019 Constitution day Warsaw

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Constitution Day is an even bigger day here than May Day. Again, I headed out too late to see any of the parades. I was meeting my friend for dinner, and she was bringing one of her friends to join us. Since I was going to be walking to the restaurant and back, I really didn’t want to spend the day walking around before going.

As I walked out of my neighborhood, I noticed that there were lots of people heading back home carrying Polish and EU flags. I figured I must have missed a good parade. When I arrived in town, I was surprised at the sheer number of folks on the street. Walking down the sidewalk was like being back in Mexico, with all the dodging and weaving I was having to do.

When I got to Dluga 7, the location of the Raczyński Palace, where I was supposed to meet Gina, I was running a little late. Just before I arrived she texted me to let me know she was late as well. As I was hanging around outside the building waiting for her, I saw a group of people in fancy dress marching down the street and going into Dluga 7.

A few moments later, Gina joined me and we went into the building where the group in fancy dress were putting on a presentation, which was completely over my head, since I can’t understand more than a few words of polish. The room was packed, and as a the speakers were on and on, the room become progressively hotter. Finally they stopped. I was hoping that was the end and we could get back out into the cool air again.

No such luck; we went across the room and through a door, deeper into the palace. I wasn’t too happy, until I realized that we were queued up to go into the palace ballroom, to view the Polish May Constitution. It is not the current Constitution of Poland, but it was the first Constitution drawn up in Europe. That was worth the long wait.

One of the first printed constitutions made available to the public.
These two big books are the Constitution.

As we got to the cases with the Constitution we spoke to Gina’s friend, who was one of the experts speaking to people about the Constitution display, we arranged for her to meet us at the restaurant when she was done. The Pod Samsonem restaurant is a traditional Jewish restaurant, though it is not kosher. We only had time to get to our table and look over the menu before Gina’s friend joined us for a very nice meal.

I had the consomme with yoke, as seen in the three photos above. It was just about the best consomme I have ever had. The depth of flavor was remarkable. I also had the “pork leg”, which was actually pig knuckle, with homemade mashed potatoes and sauerkraut. The smaller portion I ordered is shown below. The server tried to get me to order the larger serving, which was a whole pig knuckle , about the size of a melon. I had seen plates of that go past and wasn’t going to order that much.

For desert, we ordered a traditional jewish dessert and a tiramisu. The tiramisu was okay, but unphotogenic. The other dessert was not only ugly, it wasn’t to any of our tastes. Now we know.

Gina and Anna waiting for desert to be served.

The temperature was down to 48 degrees by the time we finished dinner. I walked home while Gina and her friend walked the other way. On the way home I finally noticed what the brass inset into the sidewalk was. I had seen these brass inserts all over town, but hadn’t realized that they were the boundaries of the Ghetto Wall.

Marking the position of the Ghetto Walls.
As I neared my street, I saw this romantic scene.
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