Warsaw: April 26, 2019

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I hadn’t really planned on such a long walk today, but once I had reached my goal of finding the Little Insurgent Monument, I just kept going. On my way to the statue, i managed not to take any photos, though the day was beautiful. Unlike Mexico, the changing light really doesn’t make the buildings look that much different.

Little Insurgent Monument

The statue is in memory of the 13 year old corporal Antek, though it looks more like a four or five year old. I guess it was more striking if the artist made him like so implausibly young.

Little Insurgent Monument
Little Insurgent Monument

Since the Monument is right in the city wall, the area was choked with tourist. I remembered that there was a street, which looked as if it might lead to the river not far from where I was. As soon as I got my shots of the statue, I headed over that way. Much to my surprise, I found The Multimedia Fountain Park, which I would have encountered if I had gone straight, the day I was dogging the film crew, rather than climbing up the steep steps up to the old city.

Children enjoying the warm weather playing in an area where water blasts out of the pavements. This photo catches the arcs of water at the top of their travel.
A statue in the park, near the children’s play area.
It looks as if they are setting up for a concert of some sort.
Old town overlooks the park.

After walking around the park for a while, I noticed that people were heading down a set of stairs, next to the highway. I had seen stairs like those before, and assumed that they led under the highway, to the otherside, where I suspected I would find the river.

The wheelchair side of the stairs, looks as if it would take a strong person to get a wheelchair up or down it.

The stairs did lead to a tunnel to another set of stairs. On popping up on the other side, I had located the river.

The levee steps are very deep, too deep to walk down. There were occasional shallower steps for people to use.
Barges filled with cuttings from the park alongside the levee.

I walked along the river walk, occasionally dodging bikes. There was a nice bike path a little higher up the embankment, but I guess the thrill of nearly wiping out on the deap stepped levee is too much for some people to pass up. It was a long walk, but I saw that if I kept at it, the levee ended near to where I lived, and I could cut across to home that way.

I don’t think this was a sunken barge. I think it is wood tied together to form a raft. Why? I don’t know.
A train crossing a river bridge. Public transportation here is fantastic.

As I was walking along the river, listening to podcast on my earbuds, I got a text from Gina telling me that she was going shopping at the Carrefour at the mall if I wanted to meet up with her. I texted her back that I would love to meet up with her, since I had been planning on going to the mall when I finished my walk. I told her that I would be going home to rest, and to send me a text when she was 20 minutes out.

Need I say more?
The fort near where I live. This is what kept me from finding the river before.
This city has a pretty way of keeping cars out of the bike lane.

At the end of the levee park, I worked my way around back to the area I lived in. It was a longer walk than I expected.

Another bit of Graffiti for my collection.

I am glad to have gotten a bit of a rest at home before I met up with Gina at the store. I had walked much further than I thought. While I was walking toward my place, I kept noticing that apartments, which seemed to have windows just like mine had the windows tilted in from the top. I began to wonder if mine would do that. Leaving the window wide open isn’t such a problem up on the third floor, but the other night I started working about the birds from the tree flying in. There are some really big crows in that tree, and the other night I heard an owl.

When I got home, I examined the window and found that if I turned the handle pointing up, I could then tug and the window tilted in. If the handles are pointed parallel to to floor, the windows will swing in like doors. Had never noticed that the bottom edge of the hinges on the bottom was a double action hinge.

A perfect gap for ventilation.

At the store, Gina taught me how to use the pricing scale. It was unbelievably easy. There is a chart with photos and numbers above the scale. The price placards above the produce carry the code numbers. Between the codes and the photos, it would be hard to make a mistake. You bag the produce, place it on the scale, push the photo of the produce (which is a large button), and your price label is printed out automagically.

About 26 dollars worth of groceries. you can see the price labels I printed out for my celery root and cucumbers.
Mayo2.69 zt$0.73
horseradish2.80 zt$0.76
cucumbers2.06 zt$0.56
onions white6.99 zt$1.89
Pate mushroom0.89 zt$0.24
bilberry jam5.65 zt$1.53
tomatoes13.99 zt$3.79
beef tartare7.99 zt$2.16
pate pork0.89 zt$0.24
cheddar cheese11.01 zt$2.98
head cheese4.84 zt$1.31
olives4.00 zt$1.08
goat cheese5.99 zt$1.62
blue cheese7.37 zt$2.00
celery root2.73 zt$0.74
garlic sausage3.00 zt$0.81
gouda cheese5.00 zt$1.35
Mortadella8.02 zt$2.17

Above is a translation of the below receipt, converted to USD. It is fun using google translate to figure out my receipts. Though I am paying more for food here, I am buying much higher quality of food, just because I can.

I forgot to ask to be charged in polish currency again. Forgetting to do that added about 96 cents to my bill. That really adds up over time.
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