Warsaw April 24 – 25, 2019: Shopping and Nike

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When I finally finished eating all the food I ordered through Ubereats, I went shopping again. I had only meant to run down to Carrefour Express and get a few things, but once I was out and walking I went over to the big Carrefour at the mall and bought a bunch of stuff. I was tired of rolls, butter, and jam for breakfast, so I bought a big tub of greek yogurt, granola, and dried fruits mixed with nuts.

I still needed bread and crackers, since I had finished the bread, which came with the delivery meals. I went looking for the thin hard crackers I like so much, which I had found over the cheese case before. The ones over the cheese case were all cheese flavored. I went up and down the dry goods aisles of the store looking for the cracker section to see if I could find other flavors. I wasn’t able to fund the crackers.

Giving up I went to the bread section were I found a small half loaf of bread that was studded with whole grains that looked as if it would be pretty good. (It was!) When I went to the bins of loose rolls I noticed that there were all sorts of the hard crackers on a shelf above the bins. I guess that had I looked longer, I would have found other crackers in that area, but I wanted to get back home. After bagging up two of the loose hard rolls, I selected a packet of millet crackers and one of the plain.

I circled around the produce section trying to decide what fruit to buy, promising myself that one day I would ask Gina what fruits were best here. I found a pre priced tray with four pears, so I didn’t have to try to weigh and price any fruits myself. I was still putting off learning how to use the pricing scale.

That was about all I had on my shopping list, so I went scouting around the store again, just looking to see what they had, forgetting that I had meant to hurry my shopping. I know that most people around here speak english, but I have for some reason been rather resident around others here. I happened to find a pepper grinder which I hadn’t been able to find the day I was shopping for spices.

I guess it wasn’t a good thing, but I found that they have a whole section of shelving given over to packaged cookies, one for hard candies, one for miscellaneous candies, and one for chocolate. I couldn’t resist. I bought three large candy bars and a box of chocolate covered marshmallows.

Perhaps I was a little guilty about buying all the sweets. I doubled back and bought some fish roe paste, cottage cheese, and ketchup. I got up enough guts at the cashier to ask her to help me punch into the credit card machine that I wanted to be charged in złoty.

Millet crackers with fish roe paste.
Limon flavored, chocolate covered marshmallows

When I got home, I was glad to see that my walk over to the mall and back had closed the rings on my watch, and I didn’t need to go out for another walk. After having a snack of crackers and fish roe paste, I tried some of the marshmallows. I really liked them, but the marshmallows were very light and delicate, almost like a foam. I like light marshmallows, but this was taking it too far.

I put some in the refrigerator, and some in the freezer, to see what effect various levels of cold would have on them. My testing showed that I like them best frozen. I will be buying them again, to try other flavors. Gina tells me that they are loved by the locals, though she doesn’t see the attractions.

The first time in a long time that I have had yogurt outside an airport lounge.

The next day, after breakfasting on yogurt and toppings, I headed out to see the Monument to the Heroes of Warsaw, which is also called the Warsaw Nike. The route went along some roads I hadn’t walked before. On my way I came across one of the markers of the walls of the Warsaw Ghetto. It was larger than the other ones I have seen around town. It was at a point where there had been a bridge between two parts of the ghetto over a street that wasn’t included in the area. It is hard to think that there was such suffering in a place that is so beautiful now.

Warsaw Ghetto boundary marker
Warsaw Ghetto boundary marker
Warsaw Ghetto boundary marker, close up of text.
Warsaw Ghetto boundary marker

Closeup of Warsaw Ghetto boundary marker
Warsaw Ghetto boundary marker, closeup

As I continued on, I saw a tall fence with photos of cities hanging at intervals. It took me a moment to recognize some of them and realize I was looking a chinese cities, which I had been to over the years. It was soon explained when I spotted that fence gate led into the Chinese Embassy.

Above and below I found a colorful heard of metal pegasuses in front of the Krasinski Palace.

I saw this hand before, but the light was wrong for a photo then.
This church looks as if it should be in Mexico.
The EU Flag in flowers, near the Warsaw Nike
My first glimpse of the Nike
A closeup of the flower flag

The statue of Nike was impressive enough that I walked around it taking photos. Here are three of the best.

The garden area around the statue was filled with flowering plants. (Two above). Below two of several swinging public benches near the bust stop.

After having fulfilled my mission, I headed back to my place. I am not sure how I did it, but I ended up going through Castle Square again. I was able to get a better photo of the castle.

As I was walking I saw the church to the right and decided I had to track it down and take a good look at it one day.
One of the older buildings being restored.
Field Cathedral of the Polish Army
Field Cathedral of the Polish Army

Not wanting to spend any time more than I had to among the crowds in old town. I worked my way out of the area and past the Field Cathedral of the Polish Army. I didn’t go in, but walked along the front, where the are an anchor and a propeller to symbolize the two branches of the polish military. Of course it was the anchor that caught my attention.

John Paul II, is well remembered in Warsaw
The doors also celebrates the two branches of the military.

As I was nearly home, the sky began to darken, so I hurried it up, and was inside without getting rained on. I am not sure if it actually rained or not.

The extensive bike lanes here are clearly marked, with places for pedestrians to cross them marked with white stripes. This doesn’t seem to keep people from walking and riding in the wrong paths.
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