Texas: 7, 6 April, 2019

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One thing I really like about visiting my friend in Texas, is walking around her neighborhood. Her dog likes this, since I take the dog on my walks. I see some interesting things as I walk. I have been visiting my friend there for about 15 years. Over that time, more and more of the generously roomy ranch style houses have been replaced with Mcmansions.

I has no idea what this was, when I took the photo.

As Carley, the dog, and I walked through the park at the end of the neighborhood, I saw a mound of large globs of dirt. It looked like an ant hill, except the globs were way bigger than I had ever seen on an ant hill. I goggled “insect dirt mounds” and found photos, which looked like the one above. They were labeled as crayfish mounds. I don’t remember having ever seen one before. It was in an area of the park that has been flooding lately.

Typical mcmansion, in the neighborhood.
One of the older, ranch style houses, that I like so much.
All that structure was one house and its outbuildings. Mcmansion on steroids.
Having a Mcmansion wasn’t enough. They had to have an elephant statue in the yard. This thing was huge. It can be seen in the previous photo off to the left hand side.
In the park, were I found the crayfish mound.
My boon companion.
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