Walking Around Honolulu: March 21, 2019

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The main reason I had to come back to Honolulu was to see all my doctors and my CPA. I really don’t feel like choosing a new base of operations right now. The week was busy with appointment after appointment.

I took advantage of being home to go to Lorrain at Connie Gale’s, to get a haircut. I had her cut it shorter than normal because I wasn’t sure how long it would be before I had a chance to have another one. Though I hadn’t been home for very long the Hawaii sun was stripping my hair blonde again. Lorrain was surprised at how red it was. The sun usually takes all the red out. Lorrain took photos so that I could show a hairdresser in Poland how to cut it.

After my haircut, I went downtown to pick up my tax returns. I had to mail in my tax return this year because my donations were so high. That tends to happen when you get rid of all your stuff. On my way to the accountant, I saw some folks standing in a group in Jackson park, near a homeless tent.

I walked over to the new statue of Kamehameha III. As usual, I couldn’t help but wonder how much the renovation of the park had cost and how much that amount might have helped the homeless, who the renovation had tossed out of the park.

The statue’s hand points at the Hawaiian state flag on a pole nearby.
Someone left a nut lei on the king’s foot.
I found out that the group of people, as seen through the kings legs, were playing Pokémon Go.

On my way I found that I was hungry. I went to a little place I had never eaten at, but had always planned to go to. I was disappointed to see the sign below on the door, but I was also glad to see the sign.

I don’t think the food truck on the street had any trouble buying frozen ahi.

A little further on I found another place I had never seen before, Niu Baguette. It was very busy, but I managed to get a table. I ate a summer roll with peanut sauce. Of course, I bit into it before remembering to take the photo.

All in all it was a rather bland day that left me missing Mexico. Though I really did like having a nice summer roll, it was hard to part with nearly $8.00 for it.

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