Paring down my gear: part three

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Cube #3

What it originally contained:

  • Microphone wind guards: I used these to put over the microphone on my bluetooth earbuds so that people I was phoning could hear me better. I had to slice a guard open wrap it around the microphone. I secured it with a few small stitches of black thread.
  • Tape measure
  • Luggage lock down wire: To secure backpack on busses or trains.
  • Headlight: For emergencies
  • Universal language translator
  • Earbud with charging case
  • iPhone case with slash proof lanyard
  • Two hat retainers
  • Eyeglass repair kit
  • Spare sunglasses
  • security whistle
  • Large carabiner
  • Spare regular glasses
  • Hero Clip Carabiner

What was removed:

  • Microphone wind guards: I realized that I don’t make very many calls while out walking now.
  • Luggage lock down wire: never found a use for it
  • Universal language translator: iPhone is more hand with anyone one of several translator apps.
  • One hat retainer: I figured that I only needed one, since I only had one hat. I left the other to pick up in Texas if I lose the one I have.
  • Eyeglass repair kit: I never used it.
  • Security whistle: don’t feel the need for it
  • Large carabiner: never used it
  • Hero Clip Carabiner: never used it
  • Bag Full of Tracer Tags : never bothered to program them.

What was kept:

  • Tape measure: used it several times
  • Headlight: didn’t use it, but still kept it
  • Earbud with charging case: More about this in later post
  • iPhone case with slash proof lanyard: must have
  • One hat retainer: used this a lot. It keeps my hat from blowing away.
  • Spare sunglasses
  • Spare regular glasses
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