Paring down my gear: Part Two

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It has been quite a while since I let myself get distracted from this series. (Okay, it has been months.) You can click here to read the first installment. Each installment will cover one of the packing cubes I used in my trip from Hawaii and then on to Texas. The items removed from each cube as not needed were shipped to Texas to be stored.

Cube #2


The second cube is the one that went into my under the seat bag, so it has all the things I might need on the plane.

Original contents:

  • Tabby socks: The link here, doesn’t go to the exact socks I travel with. I bought mine at Don Quijote in Honolulu, but they are pretty much the same sock.
  • Travel Toilet paper: My mother insisted that I always carry emergency toilet paper. I can tell you that the women who were touring China with me back in 2002 were very thankful that she did. Mother would wait until a roll of toilet paper only had about a half an inch thickness left and fatten the roll. She kept a flattened roll in her purse all the time. I prefer the travel rolls you can get most any drugstore today.
  • Eye mask: I use the ones left over from flying business class.
  • Eyeglass wipes: I have tons of these left over from attending so many conferences.
  • Earplugs in container: Custom hearing protection. I carry two sets, just in case I lose one.
  • Retainer in container: Custom retainer from my orthodontist.
  • Two small packs tissue: left over from business class toiletry packs.
  • One Pen, and One Mechanical pencil
  • One lip balm
  • Aleve pain pills
  • One small carabiner

What was removed:

  • Tabby socks: This was a mistake. I found that I really missed them. The condo in cuenca tends to be cold, and I would have liked to have my socks to wear with my slippers.
  • Two Eyeglass wipes: That left me with one, which was enough for the plane. I had more in my backpack.
  • One luggage lock: Same as the lock in Cube #1, zip-ties will do the job.
  • One small carabiner: there were plenty other ones in other places in my luggage.

What was kept:

  • Small reporter’s handbook: This is an indispensable item.
  • Travel Toilet paper: It has come in handy so many times in the past.
  • Eye mask: A great defense against a talkative seatmate on the plane.
  • One Eyeglass wipes: was all I needed to have nearby.
  • Sharpie pen: I removed the pen from this cube, but had to pull it out to address the one rate box. That is when I added it back.
  • Earplugs in container: more defense against a talkative seatmate.
  • Retainer in container: I am not going to let so much orthodontic work go to waste.
  • Wool skull cap: This is a must have item. It is so thin, but so warm. I have worn it under my sun hat in cold weather. I wore it to sleep in here in Ecuador, until I was able to go out and buy a space heater.
  • Two small packs tissue: sooner than later they will be used.
  • One Pen,One Mechanical pencil, One lip balm, Aleve pain pills: I have learned the hard way that these must be packed.
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