Pairing down my gear: Part five (the last of this reduction)

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Cube #5: Nothing was removed from this cube. It all was used. I prefer wearing wool underwear because it is cool in hot weather and warm in cold weather. Merino wool is not scratchy. Wool wears well and is antibacterial.

  • One set of bra cups: I carry two bras, but only one set of cups. Every little bit of weight reduction helps.
  • One wool sports bra
  • One pair wool boy shorts
  • Two pair wool briefs Three pair of wool socks

Cube #6

What was there originally:

  • Two wool T-shirts (I were them all the time)
  • Two wool skirts (never wore them once)

Kept the shirts and lost the skirts

Cube #7

What was there originally:

What was left behind:

  • Pearls
  • Leather gloves

Cube #8:

Cube #8 held my coffee kit. This was covered in depth in post: Packing List: Coffee, a Deep Dark Dive

Cube #9: Had my dietary supplements. They all went with me.

Cube #10: General clothing, which all made this cut.

Cube #11

What was left behind:

  • Towel: it was too bulky
  • Dress shoes, turned out to be most uncomfortable
  • Business cards: just took a few

Yellow gadget bag: Everything made the cut. I am going to have to do a separate post on the the evolution of the gadget bag.

Compression Cube: All these made the cut

  • Sarong
  • Sweater
  • raincoat

Neck Pillow: There is a separate post on the Neck Pillow. Of course it made the cut.

Bought in Petaluma:

  • Tennis shoes
  • New Balance slippers

 All the rejected items were set to one side and loaded into a nylon shopping bag to await being packed into a one-rate box to be shipped to my friend’s house in Houston. When I weighed the bag rejected items, I was pleasantly surprised to see that it weighed 6.7 pounds.

I am writing this on my second mainland flight, and have to say that lightening up my bag was worth losing whatever small convenances the items represented. I had thought that somewhere along the way I would ditch my coffee set, but after finding that the motel in Petaluma didn’t have a coffee pot, I decided that I had to keep the coffee set despite its weight. If I find that I can remove some more things, I might be down to the weight, which is considered best for light travel, 26 pounds or 11.8 kilos. But right now 31.3 pound is just fine with me.

One of the first things I noticed on my flight from Honolulu was that having my umbrella on the outside of the pack was inconvenient, and not in a good way. With my load lightened, there was enough space to place the umbrella kitty corner inside the backpack, under the packing cubes, next to my back.
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