February 19, 2019: Seeking Sancho Panza

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Okay, so that title is a little over blown, but sometimes it is hard to come up with good titles. Today I just needed to get out of the house. I finished my year-end paperwork (both my private and business paperwork) and loaded it up to the cloud. I didn’t need to leave for Rosa. Her visit wouldn’t be until the 21st.

As usual, I headed out to my favorite street vendors. At the first one I bought a mushroom and cheese taco.

At the second one, I got a cheese and chicken burrito.

I do so love carrot juice!

With my breakfast under my belt, I began to wander around the city, looking at things I had seen many times before, trying to see things which I had looked at before, but had not seen. Only now did I notice the name of the local donuts. (Insert joke here.)

When I ask locals were a good place to eat is they tend to tell me about their favorite place to eat sushi. I don’t think that this was on of the recommended places, but I liked their sign. It was tuesday, so it was the day that the Museo Iconográfico del Quijote would be free.

El lenguaje de Cervantes (The language of Cervantes) by Germán Valles

What could be a better way to start a museum that celebrates a literary figure?

I decided to just put in images of the pacards of the story of the museum into the blog, since I couldn’t tell the story better. English is at the bottom of each one.

Arribando a La Mancha (Arriving at La Mancha) by Carlos Cortés

The legend interpreted as an Instagram.

Al encuentro Con Dulcinea (To the encounter with Dulcinea) by Heder Contreras Ruiz

The above was not one of the pieces of artwork. It was the latch inside the stall in the ladies room.

After I thoroughly enjoyed the museum I went out in search of ice cream. Today I learned that tequila ice cream might sound good, but it really doesn’t taste of much of anything.

Tequila ice cream

I did enjoy sitting on the steps of the cathedral watching the tourist scurrying around as I ate the ice cream. I sat thinking about all the humorous things I would write in my blog, which of course I have now forgotten.

This photo is for my brother

The main point of going out, besides relaxing after the paperwork push, was to go grocery shopping. On my way from the ice cream shop to the market, I spotted what my brother and I used to love hanging outside a shop. To play with Clackers, you held them with the ring at the top and jerked them up and down until the balls swung apart and came back together, making a loud clacking noise. The ultimate goal was to bounce them so hard that they popped up and hit at the top of the arc as well as the bottom.

Though I never personally knew anyone that it happened to it was said that if the balls swung too hard, the acrylic balls would shatter, sending flying shrapnel everywhere. Clackers were banned in the US 1985, but obviously not in Mexico.

Though I was ladened down by groceries on the way home, I was able to juggle them around to get my phone out and take a photo of the Bug of the Day!

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