February 9, 2019: GTO

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GTO not only was it a great car, but it is the abbreviation for Guanajuato, a great area of Mexico, as well as the town I am living in. It has been a while since I last posted a blog. Of course, that means I have several I need to knock out. I also haven’t been writing on my novel. Why? you might ask. Well, it is coming up on tax time. It is easy to escape the US, but you really can’t escape taxes. I spent nearly two weeks getting my paperwork sorted out for my accountant. Financially, this has been a very interesting year. (Interesting in the chinese curse sort of way.) Since last May, I have been living in very interesting times. I am ready for a little boredom now … please?

After battling my desire to do nothing and my desire to get it over with for a few days, I ran out of food. On the way to the market I took a few photos to add to the trove.

I saw the couple above trudge past me up the hill. These were tall people. Those backpacks were huge, and yes, they had front packs as well. After passing them and nearly dislocating my arm patting myself on the back, contradulating myself for not carrying such a large pack, I realized that it would make a good photo of how not to travel. I stalked them until they were out of the shadows, so the photo would be better lit. It wasn’t the best light, but I didn’t want them to see that I was taking their photo.

The bus destination bar needed repair, so they repaired it sitting at the bus stop. I like the way that they opened the hood to make a work platform. I once saw a guy replace the windshield of his truck parked alongside this same street.

I have no idea what this it, but it looked nice.

Hey, I was out of food and hungry, so I had to stop at one of my favorite street stands and get a Coctel de Camarones.
Cost 40 Pesos (about 2 USD)

The bug of the day.

Well, that is all for this post. Below are just a new form of plugging my books!

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