January 27 – February 4, 2019

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I went into full hermit mode for over a week, only leaving the apartment when I had to get food. You might have noticed that during this time I wasn’t blogging either. A strange thing happened when I started serializing my first novel on my blog. It got me back into working on my fifth novel. When all my troubles started back at the first of 2018, I got out of the habit of working on the unfinished novel every day. During my nine days of hiding out, I wrote over 15k words on my novel. Now I am writing something on it every day.

I only took a few photos during the nine days, and only when I was dealing with the issue of getting food.

At one time I ran out of most everything to eat, and ended up making baked oatmeal. Show above served with honey. After a few days of eating oatmeal for three meals a day, I got tired of it and tossed the rest in to the freezer. this forced me to head out to the market.

On my way to the market one day I was glad to see that the skating rink was gone and the dirt which was laid down under the rink was being removed from the Plaza in front of the Museo De La Alhondiga De Granaditas.

Campus Cop Bug

Yellow Bug

Bug Double Header

During the nine days I didn’t see any porch, roof, or window dogs. This dog was staring so intently at a rock wall alongside the sidewalk, that I was sure he must have been a cat in another life. I was sure he just wanted to see how many people would stop to try to see what he was looking at. While I was there the answer was five. I actually think that there might have been a mouse in a hole in the wall. Finally I had to walk away, and left him there continuing to stare.

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