January 26, 2019: Escaping the Neighbors’ Fiesta.

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I needed to work on my novel today, but the neighbors were gearing up for a Fiesta. The music was playing really loud. Face it, the music is still playing very loudly (2200 hours). To combat it, I put on my ear phones and set my iPhone to play “brown” noise. I tried “white noise”, but it really didn’t work. After a few hours I was tired of the brown noise. I also reached my goal of 1000 words a day. I headed out and went for a walk, not even listening to my podcast. I just needed some quite. Of course it was late in the afternoon, and the town was gearing up for night. The streets were getting crowded, the night clubs were pumping out music, and buskers were singing on the streets.

I found if I went back up into the residential neighborhoods things were much quieter. I really don’t like noise and crowds. I hope that the neighbors wrap up their fiesta before my bedtime.

In the late afternoon, I was able to take this photo of a cat. I see lots of dogs during the day, but not so many cats. I saw this same cat later, but she was on a set of steps that didn’t look as nice as these orange ones, so I didn’t take her photo a second time.

The low sun gave me some nice lens flare, something I rarely get with a phone camera.

As I turned from photographing this building, I saw a woman, who grinned widely at me and said, “buenas tardes.” As I progressed up the street I glanced back and saw her entering one of the doors. She must be used to people taking photos of her house.

I am sure that I am taking photos of individual bugs more than once, but I am sure this is the first time I have seen this one. I was way up a street I had never climbed up before.

The problem with climbing up a set of tall stairs is that you have to climb back down. Going up is much less vertigo inducing than heading down.

I was resting at the top of the steps when the littlest and cutest roof dog barked at me. By the time I got my phone out he was gone, but just as I was about to put my phone away, the cat above, ran down the stairs.

Once my Apple Watch told me that I had walked enough for the day, I walked back into town picked up some wine, bread, and candy, before heading home. I found that the fiesta was going in full swing. Since they are having it in the alley, I had to walk through to get to my place. I kept the smile plastered on my face and said, “buenas tardes,” to everyone as I walked past. Thank goodness I got the wine!

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