January 24, 2019: Cleaning Day Again

I waited until it was almost time for Rosa to arrive before leaving today. Rosa has a key and can let herself in to clean. I didn’t have any shopping to do, and really didn’t feel like wandering around a museum. I decided that I would walk down to the first tunnel from my apartment and head out that road to find out what all was out that way. The tunnel is very short, and I often use it to avoid some of the crowds downtown in the afternoons.

As I was heading toward the tunnel I passed the blue stairs, which I had often told myself I needed to stop and climb sometimes. Since there was nowhere I needed to be, I headed up them.

Part the way up I stopped take photos of this big stand of prickly pears.

At the top I found one of the University of Guanajuato’s campuses, Faculty of Mining, Metallurgy and Geology. The green square is a meet up point. They are all over town. In case of emergency, people are expected to go to certain points to find family and friends.

Coming down the stairs gave me a different view of the town.

Once through the short tunnel, I was glad to find a nice walkable sidewalk.

Another beautiful window times two.

I found a park with the frog statue above. The park would be a good place to walk. I told the son of my neighbors that the park would be a good place for him to run. I managed not to laugh when he told me that he liked that park, but it was too far away from the apartments.

Flowers in the park.

Civic murals lack the energy of the rogue graffiti.

Statues in a Roundabout. There is no way you could ever forget that the town was founded in mining.

I have to admit that I find the plants here fascinating.

I was struck by the beauty of this tower when it came into view. Unfortunately I haven’t been able to find out anything about it.

The Aqueduct leading up to the tower.

Every time I see a Pemex gas station, it causes me to smile because of how much fun I had working for Pemex offshore a few years back.

I found the river, but compared to the river in Cuenca, it looked more like a drainage ditch.

I found a plaza where the highway comes into town that is filled with frog statues. It is across the street from the first frog statue in this post.

The fountain was being maintained at this time.

The trees in the background were cut to look like ducks. I guess frogs would have been too hard to fashion.

The bug of the day.

When I wandered back into town I found myself at the Jardin El Cantador. All the vendors selling cheap chinese products, were gone from the park. It was very nice with them gone. There were a few food vendors around. I stopped and bought a cup of orange juice and sat in the park for a while.

After having rested for a while, I went in search of somewhere to sit and have a beer before going to a late lunch or early dinner. As I was wondering around I ran into my upstairs neighbors and invited myself to sit with them and had a couple of beers. They were with another Canadian couple. It was nice to talk to people from outside the US and see what their view of world politics was.

After we said our goodbyes I sung by the store and bought a six pack to take home, before heading to the a restaurant. I ordered the seafood soup to compare it to the one I got from a street vendor a few days ago.

As I waited for my soup, I enjoyed another beer and snacked on chips and lime sauce. The small plate above to the left is the addons for the soup. When the soup came it was rather ugly, so I didn’t bother taking a photo. As it turned out, it wasn’t as good as the soup from the street vendor. Had I had it first, I would have thought better of it, but It didn’t measure up coming second.

I must have walked past this building a hundred times, without noticing the lovely terrace.

Extra extra large bug of the day

It was good to get back home. My place is the middle apartment with the black metal staircase.

The above map shows my walk out of town and back to the garden. I stopped the workout since I was going to sit and rest for a while.

I turned a work out on once I left the garden, but didn’t turn do one for the walk from drinking beer with my neighbors and getting home. Overall the three sections of my walk added up to seven miles.

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