January 23, 2019: Walking around town.

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Going out for my walk today, I decided not to take photos. I walked across town, until I saw a bunch of children at recess in one of the town squares. I couldn’t resist taking a photo of them. I was just in time as their adult supervisor called time on them just as I took the photo. Once the phone was out of my bag, I couldn’t stop.

A different sort of recess

Pale blue buildings are not common around town. This one above looks as if it should be in Greece.

In Cuenca I was enamored with doors, here gates and windows seem to be taking my attention. My favorite gates have steps inside as below.

In the two photos above, are some just about ruined steps. It looks as if repairs are being done. In the lower of the two, I took a closeup, which shows a water spigot. I have seen these all over town, but none of them work any more. They must have been used back before individual houses were plumbed.

On this day I wandered far afield into neighborhoods. Those areas are best for finding graffiti.

In the two photos above, it really isn’t graffiti as much as it is the home owner’s own decorations.

I spotted another roof dog.

This one I guess I could call a gate dog.

Gate dog ran away and joined the roof dog.

The one thing about walking and rewalking the same streets is that you see things from different angles and distances. I took a photo of this fountain some weeks back. On this day it was the first time I realize how beautiful the building and trees were.

Wow, it was my day for blue buildings!

A window frog.

The closeup makes the window frog look very sad, as if he is in jail.

I know it looks like he is a porch dog, but he is a roof dog. I had to zoom in to get the shot.

Now this roof dog would make a good jigsaw puzzle.

This little guy is a porch dog.

The two photos above are of the same abandoned building. The colorful side is the one that everyone is likely to see. You have to circle around to see the other side.

The streets here are very steep and winding.

One of the more popular parks.

Ah, I found out that if I go out early enough on Sundays I can buy beer.

The bug of the day in motion.

Above you can see how when I got into town I noodled around in the back streets.

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