January 22, 2019: Sopa de Mariscos

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I don’t often dedicate a whole post to one dish of food. Perhaps I should. Nothing very interesting has happened lately. Except I guess, spending way too much time on the roof talking to the folks who live above me. Today I went out to buy groceries. On my way to the market, I stopped at a street vendor, and bought a bowl of sopa de mariscos.

This is the street vendor, who sells sopa de mariscos and ceviche.
I added the herbs, avocado, lime juice, and some of the onions before I remembered to take photos.
sopa de mariscos
Sopa de Mariscos

It took quite some time for the soup to be prepared. As usual I took that as a good sign that the soup hadn’t been sitting around. When the sopa de mariscos arrived I was quite surprised that the bowl was so large. I expected it to only have shrimp in it, but as I stirred it up I saw that it had osters, octopus, squid, and crab meat. I tasted it before adding in the extras, and found it delicious. It was even better with the avocado, onion, cilantro, jalapenos, and lime juice mixed in.

It is amazing that a town so far from the sea could be so well known for their seafood, but it is some of the best I have ever had. Next time I am going to get the ceviche!

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