December 24, 2018: Walking around town

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When I finished my work today, I went for a walk downtown. I had expected that since it was christmas eve, there would be few people out. That was way off the mark. All the cafes in the little plazzas were filled, as were most all the park benches. Street musicians were playing while people rushed around doing their last minute shopping.

I really wasn’t up for too large of crowds, so as I walked and came to intersections, I looked both ways and took the paths with fewer people. Also whenever I looked down a street and saw an area that I was familiar with, I turned away. It was very interesting getting back into the residential areas. Eventually I found myself at a tunnel I walked down it, taking off my sunglasses. Though I don’t see well without my corrective lenses, it is still better than dark glasses in the tunnel.

This tunnel, unlike the one I had walked through before had cars parked along the edges of the roadway. I saw a man ahead of my trying car doors as he walked along. I figured he was up to no good, and I slowed down and make sure I didn’t overtake him. Finally near the end of the tunnel there was enough light for me to see his uniform. I said, “buenas tardes” as he turned to walk back the other way. I was glad to see that the police patrol the tunnels.

Once I exited the tunnel, I realized that I had gone quite a ways up the hillside, and I started working my way down. Eventually I was back in an area I was familiar with. My watch tapped my wrist to let me know that I had reached my exercise goal for the day. I headed home, trying to avoid the crowded areas as much as possible.

I had to hold my phone between rails of a gate to get this shot.
The building to the left seems to have been built with a diviot to accommodate the corner of an existing building.
Plaza de San Fernando
I found the Templo de los Hospitales tucked in an area devoid of tourist.
The only graffiti I found in the tourist areas was of the vandalism sort. I was glad to find some graffiti art in out of the way streets.
So many little alleyways beckoned.
Remember the beautiful building for La Universidad De Guanajuato? This is what the back of its beautiful upper facade looked like.
As I have written before, it is very hard not to stop and take a photo every few steps.
A close up of the little houses that are part of the christmas decorations.
Another of the many beautiful fountains.
Street vendors, with their children. The kids are dressed in animal suits.
It looks as if there is an inclined railroad, at the top of the hill. After a little searching I learned that it is called a Funicular
I was almost home when I saw this little rugged plant.
My walk seemed much more convoluted than it looks on the map.
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