December 13, 2018: Shopping in Guanajuato

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The morning after arriving. I made coffee using the grounds which the kitchen was stocked with. Sitting with my hot coffee, I carefully studied Google maps, since I had already forgotten all the directions the landlady had given me to the market. I made a screenshot of the route to the market, just in case Google’s navigation stopped working, like it had often in Cuenca. I was a little disappointed with the look of the town as I walked following Google prompts. It didn’t look like the photos I had seen on the internet. Google lead me to the back of the Mega market. 

I must have looked very confused because a man who was washing a car, came over and told me to follow the road around to find the front. It was a long walk. So long that I decided that I had not understood his spanish, so I doubled back and told him that I wanted the market. I could see the sign on the building, so I pointed at it. He assured me that I had gone the right way, and told me to look for the steps on the left. I tried again and found that had I taken a few more steps in the direction he had sent me I would have seen the front of the market. (Does this sound like me and the taxi driver in Cuenca?)

The Mega is a like any normal modern grocery store, except that they sell mopeds and bikes. I bought two bags of groceries, which filled my nylon shopping bags, and had a plastic bag with my eggs and bread in it. On the way back to the Airbnb, I realized that the new shopping bags are of a slippery nylon. I was cursing myself all the way home as I struggled with keeping the straps of the bags on the slippery shoulder of my raincoat. I was also diriding myself for buying so much, rather than planning to make a second trip the next day.

Olive oil$115.80$5.71
Beef bacon$54.71$2.70
Glazed peanuts$27.00$1.33
Spiced peanuts$30.30$1.49
coffee beans$100.00$4.93
Ham salad$21.58$1.06
White potatoes$16.62$0.82
Fresh cheese$19.95$0.98
Manchego cheese$109.90$5.42
Philly cream cheese$14.80$0.73

When I got home, I was too tired to cook, so I made myself a sandwich of some of the pre prepared ham salad, which I had picked up at the mega. It looked like normal ham salad, but it tasted more like ceviche. It made a wonderful sandwich.

It was a good thing I did over-shop. The next day I woke up with a cold. It was three days before I was able to go out shopping again. I spent most of those three days in bed. It wasn’t too bad of a cold; nothing like that horrible time I had earlier in the year. This was the sort of cold that let you lounge around in bed with a good book, with kleenex and a cup of hot lemon water on the side table. I stayed inside mainly because my nose was running so bad and I was sneezing up a storm. No coughing and no sore throat.

I got out of bed from time to time and cook. What I am calling beef bacon, looked just like bacon, but it was beef. Some of it I cooked as if it were bacon and the rest I made into a stir fry with the onions and potatoes. Thank goodness I had plenty of food and wasn’t tempted to go out.

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