November 30. 2018: Last Days in Cuenca

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With my departure to the US looming, I headed out to enjoy a walk in the city again, not sure if the weather would make it the last one.


In earlier post, I showed the various interesting things, which were done to make dead trees useful or attractive. It was refreshing to see a dead tree becoming a living tree. Wouldn’t it have been interesting if the trees in the park, which had been turned into statutes suddenly started to regrow?


The mystery structure in the plaza near my coffee shop continued to grow. I noted that it looked to be the shape of a christmas tree. I walked up to two women standing looking at the workers work and asked, “├írbol de Navidad?” They both smiled, nodded and said, “Si”.

Near one of the museums I saw where someone had placed fish bowls of water into a tree. I have no idea why. There were no fish.


Not finding anything else of interest, I climbed one of the stairways up from the river and made my way to plaza in front of Mercado 9 de Octubre. I really don’t know why, but there was a fake plane set up in the middle and some sort of christmas display was being installed with a crane.


The decorations were metal frames with shiny metallic ribbons rove through them to make the surface.


After watching for a while, I went into the market and had a plate of roast pig, potato patties, hominy, salad and hot sauce. I managed to get back to my condo before the rains started again.

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