November 27, 2018: Last days in Cuenca

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The night before when I went out to dinner at the Fondue Garden, I didn’t eat the bowl of new potatoes, which were served with the fondue. At the end of the meal, I waved my hands over the bowl, making a wrapping motion, and said, “Papas para mi casa?”

One thing I really like in Cuenca, is that everyone, from street vendors to waiters in restaurants can tie plastic bags quickly, securely, and in a fashion that is very easy to untie. Next time I go to Ecuador, I am going to have to remember to take some photos of the knots before I slip them open. Some of the knots are unbelievably tiny.

My one and only photo of the Cuenca knot.

Because it was only a few days before I was going to leave and I had too many eggs still to use, I decided to cook a spanish tortilla. (You need a skillit with a clear lid to make this the way I do.) I cut up raclette cheese, red onion and the potatoes, and placed them in a 10 inch well buttered skillet before pouring five lightly beaten large eggs over them.

The assembled ingredients.

Using the gas stove I set the flame at medium. I put the lid on the skillet and waited, until I could smell that the eggs were browning. I looked through the lid to make sure that the eggs were nearly set. Taking the skillet off the heat, I prepared my coffee before tuning the tortilla out onto a standard Corningware plate.

I had it for both breakfast and lunch.

I guess, since the leftovers kept me feed for most of the next day, the cost of the meal wasn’t so bad. If you make this yourself, don’t worry about the exact amounts, or the exact ingredients. The only things that you must have are eggs and potatoes.

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