December 17, 2018: Guanajuato

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Four days after I arrived in Guanajuato, I was finally over my cold. I was feeling well enough that I figured I wouldn’t be getting everyone around me sick I headed out to the market again. Knowing how not to get lost, I was able to walk straight to the Mega supermarket this time.

I bought enough food to keep me going for a few days. On my way home I stopped for strawberries at a street vendor and vegetables at a small store close to my place. All my shopping came in at $19. This included Ziplock bags, a pot of tamarind candy, a local brand of candy bar, iberico ham, a lime, pork chops, honey, mole, bread, a mouse shaped brownie, a package of chicken parts, strawberries, carrots, potatoes, and an onion..

Click on the gallery below to see a slide show of the photos.

I took a few photos on my way to the market, but wasn’t up to exploring the town. When I got back, I was too tired to photograph my purchases. I guess I am also getting over how cheep food is outside the US. I am glad to be able to buy chicken. The same amount of chicken, which would have cost me $10 in Cuenca, cost $1.49 USD here. Steak cost much more, and I really don’t like the cuts. 

Now that I am feeling better, expect to see more food porn!

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  1. Excellent photos–thanks for sharing!

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