Cuenca: November 10, 2018

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On November 10th, I once again found myself taken away from my writing, by the sound of music in the street. I wasn’t dressed to go out into the street, so I sat in my window and took videos.

Someone was recording the parade with a quadcopter.

The giant puppets were sort of spooky, especially with how quiet everything was. The dog seems to be quite perplexed at it all.

I have never found out what the parade was for. It seemed to be a children’s parade. And of course, one dog.

Dancing and drumming.

As I have written before, it wouldn’t be a parade without beauty queens.

The police officer stopped the parade and let the built up traffic go through.

From what I saw of this parade there were very few floats. The tiny dancers were adorable.

You have got to love the dog mixing it up with the dancers

Once I had been distracted from my work, I decided it was too nice a day to stay in and I went for a walk over to Parque de la Madre. Before I got the park, it began to rain. The rain stopped by the time I got there allowing me to wander around looking for more carvings I had overlooked in the park.

Walking around I found even more dead trees that had been carved into sculptures.
Park Benches too.
I am not sure what this is, but it looks like it is something for children to play on.
I saw this bench before, but since young lovers were making out on it, I didn’t take a photo. The Rain cleared most everyone out of the park.
The last photo I managed to get before the rains started again.
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