October 22, 2018: Hanging Around the Condo on a Monday

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I had planned to go shopping that day, but found myself hanging out on the roof, until late. It is a great place to read. I like to sit facing the church while I read. Sometimes the city distracts me from my reading.

I experimented with horizontal video, knowing how much some people don’t like vertical video, but horizontal video just did not take in as much of the scene I wanted to show.



This is the upper terrace, where I sit with my coffee in the morning reading, weather permitting.


There is a plexiglass roof over the courtyard. On rainy days it is very loud: loud in a good way.


I haven’t used the lower terrace yet. It is under an opaque roof.


Looking down from the lower terrace into the courtyard.  My condo is on the first landing to the right. There is a very small set of stairs leading up to my door.


Looking over the edge of the roof.


The street alongside the building. That is the direction I walk to Mercado 3rd Novembre.


Looking down from my door to the landing.


Looking down into the courtyard from my landing.

Even after it got too hot to hang out on the roof any longer, I went to my condo and spent the rest of the day reading and working on the blog. I am currently reading the Brother Cadfael books.

I guess it is because I have led such an exciting life, I don’t like action adventure movies and TV shows. I also don’t like first person shooter games. Exciting books are not quite as bad, because I can flip past the exciting parts. I like mystery novels that have a lot of thinking, scene setting, and little action. I have the bad habit of reading books over and over again, just to make sure that I don’t start reading something that could get me over excited before going to bed or sitting down to write. I love Agatha Christie and Rex Stout, but had gotten to the point where I would remember the whole plot of the books after reading a page or two. A friend suggested that I start reading them in spanish. I just might do that.

Several times lately I have tried out several different searches, trying to find mystery books, which met my needs. Finally, I must have hit on the right combo of words, or Google sussed out what I was after. I had never read the Brother Cadfael novels before. Now I am hooked on them. I am using an app “LIBBY” that lets me borrow books from my library in Honolulu, via my Kindle.

I have already read the first three books in the series and am reading Saint Peter’s Fair now.

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