Cuenca:October 8 – 9, 2018

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Another run to the Mercado. In the yellow bag are sections of Yucca root. The avocados were perfect, and where what I had for dinner. I am really going crazy for the local strawberries. That bag cost only $1.00


The next day, I spent quite some time cleaning dirt off the roots. I logged into YouTube to find out how to cook yucca. It warned you that the roots would be waxed for transport. I think these were still in the ground the day before I bought them.


The peels are not eatable.


I boiled the roots for 25 minutes. I could have let them go a little longer.


There is an in-eatable stem running through the center. I removed the stems and cubed the yucca, before returning them to the pot with sautéed onions and spices.


The finished roots are very much like potatoes. I had them with eggs for breakfast in the morning. For dinner the next day, I had them with steak.


With my cooking done, I headed to the Mercado 9 de Octubre, where I found this band performing in the nearby plaza.


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  1. Enjoyed reading these especially the simple smell takes me back

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