Cuenca: September 18-19, 2018

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When I opened my coffee from the farmer’s market, I found that the bag was recycled and the coffee was in a plastic bag inside. The coffee was great, but since this bag didn’t have one of those little vents in it, I put the coffee into the bag that I had just emptied.


Another great breakfast. I cook all my bacon at once. It is fine reheated.



As a reward for getting my exercise in I stopped for ice cream in the white building alongside the square.

Cuenca: September 18, 2018

Today I got over my reticence to pull out my phone and look like a tourist. After walking around the park for two miles, enjoying its beauty, I had to share.


The sidewalks are beautiful, but treacherous when wet.






Everywhere in the city you see the contrast of smartly dressed modern young people, older gentleman dressed  european styled suits which seem to hale from the 40s and 50s, with indigenous people dressed in traditional dress. The women’s white hats, colorful skirts, and shawls that double as carry bags remind you a that you are in the Andes.


To get the blue domes into the photo, I think I needed to cross the street.



This building has an ice cream shop that continues to beckon me.


It is hard to see, but there is and old fashioned jumbotron on the side of the building behind the tree branch in the upper left.


It seems that every other car in the city is a yellow cab. I took a cab home from the hardware store when my feet got to sore from walking over. It cost $1.65 cents, but I made a nice tip, before I found out that you are not supposed to tip here.




This view is from the newer part of the city back over the river.


I am disappointed that the photo of this tree didn’t turn out better, it was so beautiful in person.


There are a variety of pedestrian and auto bridges crossing between the new and the old.


Yes, this is the way home, after I finished my shopping at the Supermaxi. There are three Supermaxis in an easy walk from my condo, but I like this one because, though I have to climb the stairs, I don’t have to cross traffic circles to get to it. While I was shopping at the Supermaxi, I ran into a young expat couple who directed me to a good bakery, which turned out to be on my way home.


My haul from the Supermaxi, combined with the coffee and chocolate I bought at the Mercado 10 De Agosto.. The cost of the coffee and chocolate was $7.10. The cost of the bread was $1.68.For the food from the Supermaxi I paid, with taxes, $23.31:                         Two boxes of Wine $4.02 
Eggs 12 $1.81
Mayonnaise $1.97
Aguardiente booze $4.14
Olive oil $3.63
Tonic water $0.84
Butter $1.97
Fontina queso $2.93


Following a standard gin and tonic recipe, but using the local booze, I made a exceptional cocktail. The Aguardiente taste slightly like tequila and has the light sent of molasses. It is great with lime and tonic.

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