Cuenca: September 13-17, 2018

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I thought that the smokey taste of the precooked chicken was too strong, So I put it into the carrot soup. My headache was back again, so a day in the condo with chicken soup, coffee, and iPad games while watching YouTube was just the thing for me.

Cuenca September 16th


Potatoes heated in the microwave, with butter, awaiting the fried eggs. I as so hungry I almost forgot to take a photo when the dish was done.


With the Eggs added. The eggs here are never refrigerated. The date stamped on the shell lets you know how long you can leave them out on the counter.


Making sure it didn’t rain on me today. It worked. It started raining as soon as I got back from shopping.


The city is filled with beautiful doors. I need to do a blog post of just the doors.


$30.68 for wine, coffee, prechooked chicken, candy bar, cheese, black pepper, Bread, toilet tissue, and garbage bags.

Cuenca: September 14, 2018



The bacon here is quite wonderful.


Carrot, celery, and onion soup, with bacon and boiled eggs.

Cuenca: September 13, 2018


Salted fresh tomatoes, cheese and olives … Yes there was wine too.


I had a headache this morning and decided to stay in. This was a good thing.

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