Я вернулся на Facebook!

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Yes, I am back on FaceBook. As a matter of fact I have been back on FaceBook since April 10, 2018. I wanted to wait awhile to see if I was going to stay before writing a post about it. After saving my Facebook history, killing my old profile, and starting a new one, as outlined in the post To FaceBook or not to FaceBook, I strictly limited my interaction with FaceBook.  I had my blog set up to automatically post a link to my FaceBook page, so that I really didn’t have to go onto it very often. Then suddenly my blog links stopped showing up. This happened right after I enrolled in Amazon’s Affiliate program. So of course I thought the worst of FaceBook and made my feeling known. It was only later that FaceBook was not letting any outside blog post to a personal page. I had to set up a page for my blog to post to it. Thus An Inconvenient Life showed up on FaceBook. I still have to manually share the links to my personal page and to my family’s group page.

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