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The Accidental Texan was my first novel to be published. It wasn’t the first novel I had ever written, but it has many of the mistakes that a first time novelist makes. It is too long for most readers, even though I cut out two thirds of the original novel to be published separately. Originally it followed the lives of three girls, at first separately, then as they meet at Texas Maritime Academy, on to their life long friendship. This book covers only Alexis Kelly’s childhood.

The Ten Year Divorce is my personal favorite. I wrote it when years after I was separated from my husband, I woke up one morning after learning that my ex’s girlfriend had moved in with him, and said to myself, “This is what it is like to be divorced.” Though it is not based on my life, it was inspired by it.

The Sixth Daughter is part of the original saga, which spawned The Accidental Texan. It follows the life of a young runaway, Isabella Hernandez, in her short, fast journey to adulthood. Isabella’s story was inspired by a friend of mine who had lived quite some time on the streets.

Madeleine: The Missing Years, gave me the great joy of including a colon in my title. (A grad school inside joke, I am afraid.) When one of my friends finished reading The Accidental Texan, she asked me what had happened to Madeleine while she was away. Madeleine was a very minor character in that book, and I left her years away as a mystery. I enjoyed filling them in with this book.

I am currently working on the third book to come from my original opus. This one’s working title is Being Tracy Lord. It follows the third of the three girls as she meets, Alexis and Issy, and the three make their way through Texas Maritime Academy. Again, it is not a history of my time at the Academy, but it is based on those years.

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  1. Hi SAM! I just got relieved on ship in Seattle last night and flew home. Sitting on the futon, recovering, found your email notification of your website and find it very well done – fascinating, articulate thoughts, and beautiful pictures – puts a big smile on my face. Keep up the great adventure and keep me posted, Aloha from Dianna

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