Petaluma You Ask? Part Four

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Finally, my last day in Petaluma came. I was glad I didn’t head out early. Sunday is the day my most favorite podcast is recorded; This Week in Tech, the show the podcasting network was named for. Of course I also knew tha Fr. Robert Ballecer was going to be putting in an appearance. I didn’t know that Patrick Norton, from the original Screen Savers was going to be a guest host. Had I known that, I would have never thought about skipping visiting on Sunday.


Setting up for the podcast. Father Robert is the left and Patrick Norton is to the left.


Leo is nearly hidden by his Surface Pro, as Iain Thomson approaches to join the panel.


This is one of my favorite group of people to see on This Week In Tech.

There was one guest in the studio who wasn’t expected, but was greatly enjoyed: the soccer playing robot. She wasn’t there to appear on the podcast, she was accompanying an Australian college student, in the audience, who I guess you could call her coach (programer).


Iain reacts to one of Leo’s jokes.


Iain vacated his seat to give me a chance to have a photo of a lifetime taken.


The formal photo

When the podcast finished, each audience member was given a chance for a photo at the table, taking Iain Thomson’s place. I waited until last to have my photo taken. I think Leo was surprised since I had declined to have my photo taken with him the whole time I was there. This just seemed like the right time. I turned my phone over to the intern, who took quite a few photos. Since I was last, I sat talking to Patrick for quite a long time, after the photo session. I was really impressed by hm. It is rare that I find myself so at ease with someone I have just met. We kept up the conversation all the way to the front door, where Father Robert, Leo, Patrick, some more of the staff, and some of the other audience members hung around quite a while talking. It was if no one really wanted the day to end. I know I didn’t, but I had to get back to the motel and finish packing to head to Indianapolis.

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