The first rain

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I have been in Ecuador for  a week now, and today was the first day that it rained. I am setting in the window seat of my AirBnb watching the rain coming down. It surprises me that so few people have umbrellas. I guess no one expected it to rain today. I don’t know I would have guessed that rain was in the making, judging only from the state of the sky this morning.

Some school girls are walking by my window, dressed in their school uniforms. The school year started this week. I did not know this when I went shopping last Saturday. The stores were jammed with back to school shoppers. On Monday, I saw the local school busses for the first time. The are small passenger vans, similar to the15-Passenger Ford Transit XLT Wagon. I didn’t notice what brand name these vans are. I was just fascinated to see traditionally painted yellow school busses, which were so small. I was impressed by the school uniforms that the children here wear. They wear stylish genderless sweat suits in their school colors, often with the name of their school emblazoned on the jacket and pants. It seems like such practical attire. I wish we had worn such uniforms when I was in school.

I finally had to admit that I have a mild case of altitude sickness. My main symptom is a nagging headache. If I hadn’t already decided to drop out of Spanish School, I would have had to, since there is no away I can learn with my head feeling like it is over inflated. I have decided to take it easy and rest a few days. Hopefully I will feel better in a few days and will be able to explore more of the city.

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  1. Sam sorry to hear about language school. I suppose it just wasn’t meant to be. Mum said when she was in the Atacama desert in Chile the group was all given mate de coca. Sounds like it might be fun to try anyway🤗

    • Hi Lucas, I am caught in a catch 22, my spanish is not good enough to find the Coca. I am testing myself with studying Spanish on my iPad. When my head is clear enough to do four hours strait of lessons that way, I will look for another language school. … If I feel like it. I have already booked my next AirBnb, Mexico!

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