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Well, it has been over two months since I deleted my old FaceBook account and started the more clean impersonal account. I still keep face book off my iOS devices. Having to make the effort to go to my desktop to check on face book, makes it where I check only every few weeks. Since I haven’t been blogging for that all that time, my own posts have been limited. When I do go on FaceBook, I do not use the LIKE or emoji response. If it is not worth typing a reaction, I figure it isn’t worth my time. I also only look at the most resent setting on the news feed, rather than looking at what FaceBook thinks I should be looking at. What I have found is that during the five minutes I allow myself to look at the news feed, I see very little in the way of actual posts. It seems that all most people do any more is to share things created by others. I really does remind me of the early days of email, when everyone was loading your mailbox with jokes and listicles. Just as boring now as it was then.

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