Life gets in the way.

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Not long after I started this blog I got sick. It wasn’t too bad, just a cold. After a week of having the cold, I was better and back to blogging for one day. I was back to my normal routine for just one day. Then a got the flu! Two weeks of the flu, followed by several weeks of slowly improving bronchitis. Right in the middle of all that, I was up to my eyeballs in financial things. Things that were terribly time consuming, but that I cannot blog about. Well, maybe one day I will blog about tax time, but not this year.

I am still crazy busy, but I have to have a little stress release, so rather than playing with jigsaw with puzzles like I was doing for way too many weeks, I am going to get back to my writing. That might be blogging or it might be working on my most recent novel. I have two blog post that have languished in the drafts folder since before I got sick. They beacon me, making me feel guilty that I am not working on them, but would rather do other things.

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